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Housing offer

Housing offer

Find a studio or an apartment that fits you and your lifestyle. Our offer is varied and consists of studios, one-, two-, and three-room apartments that can be rented as either furnished or unfurnished units.

Our goal is that students in Oslo and Akershus can rent housing at a reasonable cost and that the housing facilities are situated near our member schools.

The student houses are situated close to public transportation. The houses are all located in a walking or bicycling distance from most member schools.

You can apply for housing all year round, both on paper and electronically on the Internet. If you are planning to start your studies in Oslo in the fall, you can apply as early as June 1st. If you do so, you can secure a place to stay when school starts in August.

Here on our website you will find more information and pictures of our student houses. If you have any questions, please contact us in OAS’ housing department.

Good luck with your studies!

25. juli 2005 15:30

Har du benyttet deg av OAS sin legerefusjonsordning? (OAS refunderer dine utgifter til lege fra kr 200,- og opp til frikortgrensen).

Nei. Har ikke hatt utgifter til lege.
Nei. Har hatt utgifter til lege men ikke benyttet meg av legerefusjon.

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