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Enjoy yourself this weekend - or maybe in the middle of the week too? OAS has two cabins that the students can rent. The cabins are located in Nordmarka and at Hafjell. You can bring your family or friends to relax, go hiking, go skiing or you can bring your girlfriend/boyfriend for a romantic weekend.


At Hafjell there is one cabin that has two separate units. The cabin is located in Sørlia hyttegrend with walking distance to Hafjell Alpinsenter.

Each unit has three bedrooms with totally 8 beds, 2 bathrooms with shower/toilet, a living room with sofa and cable-tv and a fully equipped kitchen. The beds have pillows and blankets, but you must provide bedclothes yourself.


Vinter activities
Hafjell Alpinsenter is a resort that is suitable for   young and old, beginners and experienced skiers. The season is from December to April.  For more information on what to do in the area, please check out http://www.hafjell.no/.

By car: approximately 200 km from Oslo.  Follow E6 towards Øyer, 15 km north of Lillehammer.

By train: Train from Oslo to Lillehammer runs frequently. Check with NSB (http://www.nsb.no/) for timetables and prices.

By buss: There is an extensive offer on local busses in the area. There is also a shuttle bus, which is free with a valid lift card.


Myllatun is a large cabin located by Mylla at Grua (Hadeland). The cabin is situated in scenic surroundings with possibility for all sorts of activities both summer and winter.

The cabin has three bedrooms, a kitchen with refrigerator/stove and a shower and sauna in the basement. The cabin has 13 beds (with pillow and blankets) and 10 guest beds. Bring sleeping bags for the guest beds.



Mylla is known for its great skiing terrain in the winter, and in the summer it’s ideal for biking or hiking. In the summer it is also possible to go fishing and the cabin has a rowing boat that can be used. The lifejackets are in the small building next to the cabin.

Did you know that there is a ski resort close to Mylla? Bislingen Fjellstue have a ski lift and it is possible to go snowboarding as well as alpin and telemark skiing. For more information, please check out http://www.bislingen.no/.

By car: Follow riksvei 4 towards Gjøvik. Turn off riksvei 4 and onto riksvei 43 towards Grua. Look for the Mylla sign. It is possible to drive all the way up to the cabin.

By train: Gjøvikbanen/local train runs from Oslo to Grua station. Check withNSB (www.nsb.no) for timetable and prices. From the train station at Grua it is approximately 10-15 minutes drive up to the cabin. A taxi can be booked in advance by calling 61 32 25 00.

Weekdays (Monday - Thursday): kr 700 per day.
Weekends (Friday - Sunday + official holidays): kr 950 per day.

The cabins can be used from 5 pm on the day of arrival till 5 pm on the day of departure.

Are you interested in renting Myllatun or Hafjell? Please contact OAS studenthousing in Bjerregaardsgate 21 . You can also call us at 22 93 35 00 (between 9 am and 15 pm Monday - Friday) or send us an e-mail (studentboligene@oas.no). 

OSI cabin
OAS also has an arrangement with Oslostudentenes idrettsforening to let their cabin in Sørkedalen. Further information and pictures may be found on our web sites.
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