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Housing regulations

1. Area of application

These regulations apply to the assigning of studios and apartments administrated by Oslo og Akershus-høgskolenes studentsamskipnad (OAS).

2. Who can apply?

Those students who are affiliated with Oslo og Akershus-høgskolenes studentsamskipnad are entitled. Exceptions can be made in special cases.

Restrictions: If an applicant declines an offer, then he/she will be removed from the waiting list. A new application will normally not be granted until three months after the first offer was given. 

Tenants, who give notice to terminate the rental agreement before the expiration, will not be offered a new rental agreement until 3 months after he/she has moved out. This does not apply when moving is in connection with practical training outside of Oslo in association with the study program. Documentation from the educational institution must be presented. If OAS terminates the contract with an applicant because the applicant has violated the rental agreement, the applicant is normally not given a new contract with OAS.

3. Who can live in the bed-sits and apartments?

In studios that shares kitchens and/or bathrooms: Only the applicant himself/herself.

In apartments that have a separate kitchen and bathroom: In addition to the applicant permanent members of the applicant’s household (spouse/partner and children) can live in the apartment.

4. Deadlines

4.1: You can apply for housing all year round. The main intake takes place once each month, which is supplemented continously. In the period between July and September there are weekly intakes.

4.2: The contract date is normally set to the first date of the month.

4.3: The application is valid for two months from the date you listed as the day you prefer to move in. After this point in time, the application must be renewed to continue to stay on our waiting list. 

5. Intake criteria and main rules

5.1: Studios and apartments that are available in the period between July and October are reserved for first-year students from out of town. If we do not have enough first-year students applicants to fill up all the empty studios and apartments, then they can be offered to other students.

5.2: During the main intake we draw lots from equally qualified applicants with the same preferred move in-date. Applicants who already have renewed their application once (see point 4.3) are prioritised.

5.3: When assigning two or three room apartments, couples with children and single parents have priority ahead of couples without children. Couples without children have priority when we assign one-room apartments (see point 3). Couples who are both students have priority in the cases mentioned above, ahead of couples where one is working full-time.

6. Cases that are given high priority

6.1: Applicants with special needs, e.g. students with a handicap, or students, who for social reasons are recommended by a qualified institution, have a higher priority than students on our waiting list.

6.2: Full-time students have higher priority than part-time students.

6.3: Exchange students who attend an organised exchange program, under the management of one of OAS’s member schools, have high priority within the quota determined by the OAS-board.

6.4: An Internal move between different student houses can be made when there is a studio or an apartment available, however not in the period between July and October. A separate application form has to be submitted when you are applying for an internal move.

7. How long can you stay?

Housing can be assigned to a student for the period of time that the course of study is expected to last, according to the rules of Statens LÃ¥nekasse. If you take a leave of absence because of illness, childbirth, military service or to take on a position of trust as a student representative, the rental agreement can be prolonged for one year. In special cases the contract can be reserved even longer, provided that the applicant continues his/her studies.


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