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How to apply

How to apply

Application form and deadlines

You apply for housing by filling out our application form. You have to attach documentation showing where you are enrolled as a student, otherwise the application won’t be approved. The applications will be dealt with continuously, so we have no deadlines. If we do not have an offer for you right away, then your application will be put on our waiting lists for the next two months from the day listed as the day you prefer to move in. If we do not have an offer for you during these two months and you still want housing, then the application has to be renewed. This can be done over the phone.

The application will be dealt with no more than two months in advance. The assigning of studios and apartments are usually done approximately 1 month before the applicant can move in and we continuously supplement the housing assignment.

Tenancy agreement and the period of notice
All our tenancy agreements run until July 31st each year. If you wish to renew your tenancy agreement, you must apply before May 1st. The new contract must be signed before June 1st. The tenancy agreement can be terminated with a written two months notice from either the 1st or the 15th of each month. Rejection from you

If you turn down our offer, you will be removed from our waiting lists. A new offer will not be given to you until 3 months after the first offer was received.

In the period between July and October we give high priority to first-year students from out of town when we are assigning studios and apartments. Full-time students will be prioritized ahead of part-time students. Students enrolled at our member schools will be prioritized ahead of students at other schools. Application form

The application form is available on the site "boligtorget".  We can also send it to you by mail if you contact us by phone 22 93 35 00 or by e-mail studentboligene@oas.no.

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